Ten Things a Coach Can do for You

Excerpts from Charles' 7M Coach Certification Guide and Become a Seven Mountains Coach

Ten Things:

Check Your Alignment. One of the first things that a good coach
will do is make sure you are aimed at your target and that
all of the fundamentals are sound. As your coach, I want to make
sure that you have balance and that you are aligned with your
purpose and connected with your calling.

Check Your Blind spot. A coach can help you identify
and remove some of the barriers you may have in place that
are keeping you from achieving your goals and realizing your

Check Your Progress. By having someone to check in
with weekly, you have a new level of accountability. Reporting
your accomplishments and initiatives to your coach keeps you
focused on the small steps that are required to reach big results.

Life Enrichment. There’s more to life than work. A good
coach can help you understand a life plan, reduce the stress in
your life, build a fulfilling balance in your life, and improve
your relationships with others. He can help improve your self-awareness
and consciousness, improve your self-discipline, point
you towards you goals, motivate you, and even improve your health,
well-being, and happiness.

Create Your Vision. Your coach can assist you in
understanding your strengths and how to play to them. You
have someone who can help you get very clear about your core values, passions, and needs.

Celebration and Encouragement. Your coach will
celebrate with you as you accomplish and step toward your
personal definition of success. There will be times when you’ll
need support, nurturing, and a source of energy to help you
believe in yourself and achieve your dreams. A coach can help
you turn setbacks into comebacks.

Raising the Bar. Constructive “challenge and stretch”
goals can move you quickly to higher levels of achievement and
prosperity. Your coach can identify new skills that you may need
and provide you with resources and options for increasing your
professional value.

Collaborator and Co-conspirator. Imagine how
much more confident you can be in your new ideas, creativity,
and innovation when you’ve bounced them off a practiced,
experienced professional who has worked through the
challenges you are now facing. A coach is a sounding board and
veteran who can show you the shortcuts he learned the hard

Nonjudgmental. You can tell your coach anything,
things you wouldn’t tell anyone else. Your coach is trained to
be nonjudgmental and objective. She’ll point out where your
thoughts aren’t congruent with your goals or values, and
will share where she has seen those ideas work or not. You
can try out any thought or idea, and together you can find
what’s brilliant about it and get rid of the rest.

Playing the Bounce. We live in times of incredible change.
Life brings surprises, setbacks, changing circumstances, and
economic realities. Technology is a game changer at every turn.
Your coach can help you see the big picture—the effects on your
industry and your clients—and help you prepare for, adjust
during, and bounce back from difficult times.