Our clients enjoy the trusting relationships that are developed between them and WISE Coaching Solutions. The assurance that we are standing with them brings encouragement, comfort, and strength. They can depend on our team to inspire and cheer them on to the victories they are pursuing.

We at WISE Coaching Solutions consider it an honor and a privilege to serve you and your business. We want to join with you to support and empower you in your endeavors. We provide excellent executive coaching and business consulting services to empower you for success. We believe that as we develop a relationship you will experience positive changes in your career and spheres of influence. 

We become knowledgeable about your business and provide insight and tactical solutions on how you can overcome challenges and enjoy success. We focus on the core issues of your business to get to the root causes of problems and replace them with positive results. We provide you with excellent executive coaches and business consultants for great breakthrough. We provide you with weekly coaching and help you to determine and implement strategies that will help you overcome obstacles and gain momentum in your business. An additional important service of ours (as noted by David B. Petersen, Harvard Business Review, 1/09) is we provide qualitative assessment of progress, feedback in the form of quantitative data on behaviors, and quantitative data on business outcomes of the coaching engagement.  

Here is a list of our services for your review:


WISE Executive Coaches have a strong foundation in business and guiding leaders in their business endeavors and personal lives to help them achieve their goals. How would you like someone in your life that keeps you accountable to your goals and important professional and personal milestones? Someone that personally cares for you and is not afraid to address issues that you may or may not be aware of? Each of us has inherent strengths that can be developed and weaknesses (blind spots) that can be overcome to help us to lead successfully.  

Need help with time management?  We have a solution for that.  Need assistance with prioritization? We've got that covered.  Looking for a way to help with your leader's images and public speaking? How about team building exercises and personality profile suites? Look no further.  Seeking for a way to challenge and reward your enterprise's "up-and-comer's" as well as your established C-Level leaders and directors?  WISE has that covered.  An old proverb says..."they that are wise shall shine like the stars for ever and ever...".  WISE shines and we will make YOU and your leaders shine as well. We offer CUSTOM executive/leadership tracks to fit your budget and processes.  Make sure you schedule one of our Master Coaches for an initial consult. 

If you are determined to gain victory over long-standing “issues” in your life, if you need someone to challenge you to go to your next level, if you desire someone to be a sounding-board for you personally and in your workplace who will train and challenge you, a WISE Executive Coach may be just what you need. Onsite visits and regular meetings help to establish a growing working relationship.  Let a WISE executive leadership coach unlock your potential and the potential of your staff.  

We help support you and bring balance to your life and your work environment. We personally mentor you in having a more fulfilling life and career to help you lead people well. We work with you in these areas of your life and more:




Time Management

Goal Setting


Public Speaking/Presentations

Personality Profiles




Fitness (if desired)


Mental (Personal Development)


Overcoming Grief and Loss: To help you through the difficult times of loss in your life with a loved one, a job, a home, a relationship, etc. These things can greatly affect job performance.

We provide you with comfort and support during life’s challenges and difficult transitions.

We add strength and quality to your life, business, and personal relationships.

We work with you and your teams to help you be more effective and efficient in your work.

As we help you develop and implement strategies, we believe that you will see great lasting change in your business and personal life.

WISE Executive Solutions offers you excellent weekly input and feedback.

A WISE Executive Coach is trained in major areas of business such as leadership personal development and the realization of your potential, Team Building, Mediating Disputes and Resolution between leaders and between employees, Management, Marketing, Advertising, Project Management, Information Technology, Accounting, Finance, Cash-flow Analysis, Funding, etc. or has access to providers in our network who can help you.

Let a WISE Executive Coach help you overcome obstacles and gain momentum in your business. Let us launch you into more creativity and “out of the box” thinking.

Our business consultants are experienced in identifying and correcting major areas of business hindrances. A WISE Executive Coach will help you execute your business plans with efficiency. We have the experience and skills to empower you for success. Allow us to help you overcome personal challenges and move forward in accomplishing your goals.



Do you desire the best training and materials for your employees? Your employees spend most of their productive waking hours working in your business! Many do not realize this fact, so why not empower your employees to be fully productive and free in their careers knowing that they are in the right career and position. WISE can help you do this through cutting-edge materials and training.

Is your team experiencing strife? Is there a sense of competition and disunity among some employees? Are some employees not giving their “all”? Are some in the wrong positions or trying to solve the wrong problems, or creating problems? You pay people to solve problems for you. WISE can help with these and other areas through comprehensive analysis of each employee, their behavior analysis, gift mix, compensation and how they fit into and relate to the team, leadership and business as a whole. We may just have the answer to your employee challenges.



Through our marketing and management consulting services we can provide you with on point and timely strategies that will help you reap the benefits and rewards of your hard work.

We can help you create new and effective ways of promoting your business, guide you in developing new life changing inventions and products, enter and saturate new markets, and implement creative and successful management techniques to build momentum and growth of your departments and business in the marketplace.

We recognize and honor your true abilities and potential in your industry.



WISE offers personal and career growth seminars that help you identify and develop your gifts, talents and strengths and helps you to recognize these in others.

All participants receive quality materials and real-time "activations" encourage you and builds awareness of yourself and others.

These seminars are exhilarating, encouraging and empowering for you and your teams. Please contact us for offerings and schedules.



WISE has the best website, SEO and social media consultants. Do you desire to get on the web or perhaps to take your web presence to the next level? Are you on the first page of the search engines? For example, when someone searches for your products or services in your city, do you show up on page 1 or page 100? When someone wants to access your business can they find you? What about social media? Does your business have a world-class presence on Facebook, Land inked-in? Do you blog? WISE can help you with these and other areas and empower your business for 21st century relevance.



WISE has access to financial specialists and software tools to help you identify roadblocks to cash flow and accounts receivable and payables. Are you experiencing financial tightness in this economy? Do you have access to necessary capital? Have you considered alternative streams of income for your business? WISE has partners all over the nation that can help you in many areas of the financial realm. WISE has the experience to help you grow and steward your business well. WISE Executive Consultants and Coaches assess your current financial standing and make sound recommendations for your business to grow and thrive.