Welcome to WISE Coaching Solutions

WISE Coaching Solutions is a dynamic Executive Coaching and Consulting firm that trains and equips leaders in many spheres of influence in America and internationally through business, government, arts & entertainment, education, family, religion, media, and more.

WISE is active in: Government: by supporting, coaching, and consulting local and national candidates and clients, and its Gates2DC initiative in Washington, DC; Arts & Entertainment: through its Gates2Hollywood initiative, and association with several film studios and releases; Family: through its individual and marriage counseling services; Education: through its outreach to foundational universities such as Harvard University; Business: through its successful impact in over one hundred fifty companies in numerous industries; Religion: through supporting organizations that help those in need; and Media.

WISE deploys coaches in a decentralized model, utilizing the latest in internet technologies. WISE maintains offices in Southern California, Hollywood, and Washington, D.C. We also, travel to businesses and enterprises for on-site initial consultations, assessments, and evaluations.

WISE began in 2005 with its first business client in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. We are humbled and proud to say that they are still a client of ours and we have helped them develop and grow their businesses and personal lives in positive life changing ways.

“WISE” stands for “Workplace, Insight, Support, and Empowerment.” WISE empowers marketplace leaders and their employees to fulfill their missions in their businesses and personal lives. Our slogan reflects our mission in: “Empowering You for Success”.